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Whole Chicken with Saffron – Murgh Musallam

Hi all you desi chicken lovers, here is another sizzling hot recipe from the vast expanses of the subcontinent. This time its a rich preparation of whole chicken with saffron and roasted spices. Yummy, I can see you drooling! Here we go..

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Aloha Fruit Punch

Wow, third punch in a row. Howzat for a befitting welcome to this summer. If can’t spare the time to visit Hawaii, here’s something just for you for that taste of Aloha in the shape of Aloha Fruit Punch.

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Pink Fruit Punch

Here comes another punch, just as promised. This time its gotta be Pink Fruit Punch. Another easy one. Try and see it for yourself.

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Watermelon Punch

Hey, all you guys out there! Who doesn’t like a great punch? Well, summer’s just round the corner and we got a whole bunch of punches just for you. This easy watermelon punch recipe is the first one in the series. Easy as easy can be, surprise your loved ones spending 30 minutes to [...]

Original Homemade Pizza Sauce


This Original Homemade Pizza Sauce recipe works wonders transforming a homemade pizza into a professional one. You gotta try this one out.

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Ginger Chicken with Mushrooms


Another tasty variant of the chicken clan is Ginger Chicken. In this delightful recipe chicken shreds with mushrooms are prepared in soya sauce with a dose of ginger, which imparts it a typical flavour.

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Ladoo Mothichoor

Not that you have to have a brand new baby boy to celebrate the occasion with these marvellous Ladoos! Since in Pakistan and India the birth of a baby boy is most commonly celebrated by gifting Ladoos to friends and family. However, you can enjoy this great sweet recipe minus all the hassle just [...]

Gulab Jamon

The mere thought of fresh and hot Gulab Jamons in thick syrup really triggers my salivary glands like anything! Great with Tea or after dinner/lunch or on their own, Gulab Jamons are more popular among the masses in Pakistan and India than other sweets. Try your hand at this great dessert and be an [...]

Lamb Brain Masala – Bheja Masala


Another yummy non-veg dish from our selection of Pakistani recipes for a lively table. Now some of you guys might be put off by the thought of it but you gotta try this one out to see how delicious it tastes. The only thing is, you have to make sure you can get your [...]

Tamarind Chutney (Sour) – Imli Ki Chutney

Another easy to cook yet great tasting recipe from the masters. It is simple to make but until a few years back the master chefs never revealed this simple recipe. It is yours just for the asking.

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